Our Story

Kayra Joy

Surprised by grace...

Newly married, with a baby on the way and our budget just breaking even, my wife and I didn’t know how we would cover the hospital bills and expenses of a new baby. In desperation I was crying out to God for help. A couple days later, out of nowhere a friend reached out asking if we needed money. I was blown away! With his help we were able to cover our hospital bills and make ends meet for the rest of the year.  


I realized that even in the hardest moments of life when there seems to be no way forward, one thing never fails to find us- God’s grace. And so as a reminder of this theme we named our first baby girl Kayra, which is the Turkish word for grace.


Like most parents in those first weeks we had no idea what we were doing. It was harder than we imagined and yet so full of joy that we’d often forget the hard parts. And that’s the strange thing about joy - it doesn’t get shaken by difficulties when rooted in the right things. And so we chose this theme for Kayra‘s middle name as a living reminder of the two things in life that God never fails to give, even in the hard times.

Our Store’s Vision

In our first years of parenting it's been an adventure learning which parenting techniques to use, which baby products are useful and which ones aren’t. We love kids and love helping parents with the things we've learned along the way, and so our store is dedicated to providing quality baby products as well as parenting tips to families that we've found most helpful. 

Additionally, we are a store committed to reflecting the values our name represents, namely, passing on grace to others in need just as we've received it. We’re a small company but with big dreams to use a large portion of our profits toward charities and other endeavors focused on empowering others.

Here at Kayra Joy, it’s our sincere hope that these products will make your parenting journey easier. Wherever you are and whatever you're going through we hope you'll always find grace and joy along the way.

-Zach S.

Owner and Founder